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5 mW Class 3R Professional RED & GREEN  Dual Color Animation Laser Effect Light

The ZEUS is a Red/Green, Laser and LED combo in an unbeatable combination.
We're proud to offer this hybrid lighting solution for those looking for a
more flexible and powerful fixture with a low profile.

Includes IR remote control.

The Color changing LED and Laser work together not individually.


Produces more than 300 green and red laser beams with more
than 200 patterns that can be projected on a ceiling, wall or dance
floor. Ideal for Mobile DJ Entertainers Bands, Night Clubs Bars or any party goers.

* PlugNplay
* Efficient
* Easy 2 Operate
* Linkable
* Micro-step motor scanner
* Big angle scanning
* Diode pumped solid state laser
* Wide & Long Range
* High capacity and speed microprocessor
* Sound Activated
* Auto Play
* DMX-512, Master/Slave
*Incredible w/ FOG

Laser safety class:3A
Red laser: Wavelength: 650nm
Green laser: Wavelength: 532nm
Power Supply: 90-250VAC
Frequency: 50~60Hz
Control: High capacity and speed microprocessor
Scan System: Micro-step motor scanner
big angle scanning
Diode pumped solid state laser (DPSS)
Play Mode: Sound / Auto-Play