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The VX I from VOX takes modeling amps to the next level. The all-new VET (Virtual Element Technology) modeling circuits at work in the VX I and VX II offer guitarists the best of both digital and analog amplifier design, as it accurately revives a myriad of classic amplifiers. In order to obtain a more authentic sound and produce sound more efficiently, VX amps employ a uniquely designed-bass reflex structure combined with a sealed, one-piece speaker enclosure. The cabinet's shape, curvature of the front and back surfaces, and the internal reinforcement ribs have all been carefully designed to optimize the resonance. A conventional wooden baffle was chosen to retain the projection and tone of a classic guitar amp, while the cabinet is constructed from a lightweight and durable ABS material that produces superior acoustical properties with quality sound and easy portability.

The VX I features 11 classic amp models and eight distinct effects, and it allows for 22 unique user presets. The amp models cover a lot of ground, ranging from classic American and British amplifiers of the 1950s and 1960s, to the coveted sounds of the classic VOX AC30, to some modern, high-gain tone monsters. Complementing these great amp sounds are eight classic effects which include chorus, flanger, phaser, tremolo, tape-style delay, analog-style delay and two types of reverb: spring and hall.

If you’re looking for authentic guitar tones and professional sound quality in a lightweight and affordable package, look no further than the VX I from VOX.

Amp models: 11



Effects: 8



Preset Programs: 11



User Programs: 2 (Using the VFS5 foot switch increases the number of user programs to 8)



Input / Output



VX I: INPUT jack, Headphones jack, AUX IN jack, FOOT SW jack



VX II: INPUT jack, Headphones jack, AUX IN jack, FOOT SW jack, USB (Type B) port



Power Amplifier Output



VX I: Maximum approx. 15W RMS @4 ohms



VX II: Maximum approx. 30 W RMS @4 ohms






VX I: 6.5” 4 ohms



VX II: 8” 4 ohms



Signal Processing



A/D conversion: 24-bit



D/A conversion: 24-bit



Sampling Frequency: 44.1 kHz



Power Supply



VX I: AC adapter (DC 12 V)



VX II: AC adapter (DC 15 V)



 Current Consumption



VX I: 2.5 A



VX II: 3.3 A



Dimensions (W x D x H): 354 x 192 x 313 / 13.94” x 7.56” x 12.32”



 Weight: 3.8 kg / 8.38 lbs.



 Included Items:



VX I: AC adapter



VX II: AC adapter, JamVOX III download card



 Accessories (sold separately): VOX VFS2 footswitch, VOX VFS5 footswitch