Bassliner 1x12C

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The Bassliner 1x12C is a ported rectangular cabinet featuring an earth shaking 12 inch Eminence Kappalite 3012LF neodymium speaker paired with a powerful Eminence BGH25-8 horn. All Quilter Bassliner cabinets are constructed from ultra-light plywood to minimize every ounce of weight without sacrificing power or tone..

The Eminence BGH25-8 super tweeter is paired with the Bassliner driver to provide a smooth and efficient full range response. Paired with Quilter Labs integrated crossover network, it gives a natural and airy response.

Not your average guitar cabinet, Bassliner series cabs are constructed from durable plywood that is mysteriously lighter than anything you can find at your local hardware store. No expense was spared in crafting the ultimate professional solution. 

- CNC milled footcups to precisely locate amplifier in docking bay 
- Quick release thumbscrews let you detach your head for fly dates 
- Brushed, black anodized aluminum plate securely retains amplifier 
- High grade, ultra-light plywood for minimum weight 
- Cast aluminum large coil neodymium Eminence drivers 
- Powerful Eminence compression driver 
- Integrated heavy duty filter network 
- Chrome plated, rubber cushioned steel reinforced handle 
- T-5052 aircraft grade anodized aluminum alloy grill 
- Ballistic nylon cover (included) protects your investment 
- Made for Bass Block or “Block Style” heads 

The Bassliner 1x12C includes a ballistic nylon cover.


* Does not include accessories. Shown for illustration purposes only.