We repair Speakers, Power Amps, and other Electronics. As well as Guitars, Band & Orchestral instruments and more!

ALL Electronic repairs require a $35 deposit which will go toward your final cost of repair.

String Instrument Repair Pricing
Includes: Tune, Polish & Graphite Nut Lube. STRINGS NOT INCLUDED
Electric/Acoustic 6 String- $15
12 String-$25
Classical Guitar-$20
Floyd Rose-$35
Bajo Sexto-$35
Tres Cubano-$35

Complete Setup:
Includes: Restring,Tune, Polish,Truss Rod Adjustment, Bridge/Action Adjustment, Graphite Nut lube & Fret Polish (Does not include nut file). STRINGS NOT INCLUDED
Electric/Acoustic 6 String- $35
12 String-$35
Classical Guitar-$35
Floyd Rose-$50
Bajo Sexto-$50
Tres Cubano-$50

Replace Nut
Labor(parts not included)
Plastic Precut-$35
12 String- $70
Fabricate Nut-$50
File Nut (May be required for acoustic setup, required for nut replacement)- $35

Replace Acoustic Saddle
Labor (parts not included)
Plastic Precut-$25
12 String-$35
Fabricate Saddle-$50

Bridge Work
Labor(Parts not included)
Re glue Acoustic Bridge- $100 min.
Ream Pin Holes-$10
Fabricate Bridge-$125 min

Instrument Electronic Work
REQUIRES $35 NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT. Labor (parts not included)
Install Pickup-$20
Route Pickup Hole-$40
Replace Jack-$35
Replace Switch-$35
Replace One Pot-$35
Additional Pots-$5 ea.
Add Coil Tap or Phase Switch-$35
Rewire Strat-$70
Rewire Gibson-$60
F Hole ADD-$30
Install Preamp ( Does not include Routing)-$35
Install Active Saddle Transducer (Does not include endpin jack or battery box)-$80
Install Endpin Jack/Battery Box-$35
Install Battery Box-$20

Replace Tuners-$35
Ream for Shaller etc.- $25
Replace Bolt on Neck (includes light fret dress, install tuners, & setup)- $125min
Fret Level & Crown-$90 min
Strap Button install- $5 ea



Speaker and Electronics Repair

Minimum charge per checkout or repair- $35
Shop Labor Rate- $75/HR Min

*We are NOT responsible for any repairs left for over 30 days.